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Health & Nutrition

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a very important part of our diet. They are a major source of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and fiber. In fact, The United States Department of Agriculture recommends that each person receive at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Visit the "five a day” program at the USDA website for more information.

When shopping at Fresh Pickin's Produce Markets, you select from the largest variety of produce anywhere, helping you meet the five a day standard. Additionally, no other retail produce outlets can offer produce fresher than Fresh Pickin's. How do we do it? When in season, we purchase locally grown produce from local farmers. In most cases, local produce is harvested and delivered to our markets in the same day! 

For out of town products, we purchase directly from growers and shippers of only the highest quality and growing standards. We load this produce on refrigerated trucks that deliver straight from the grower directly to our market. This means that produce purchased from Fresh Pickin's is fresher, has a longer shelf life, and maintains flavor longer! Another great benefit of buying direct from the grower is that we do not realize the additional cost of a central warehouse, a wholesale or distribution center, or additional transportation. By eliminating these costs and passing the savings to our customers, we offer a fresher product at more competitive prices!